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Code of Conduct

Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club




Participation in activities of USA Wrestling (“USAW”)/ USA Wrestling Utah , and Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club (“H.V.W.C.”) as a coach, athlete, administrator and volunteer for teams organized, sponsored or sanctioned by USAW and H.V.W.C. and competitions (international or domestic), camps, clinics, exhibitions or appearances for, on behalf of, or in representation of USAW and H.V.W.C. is an honor and a privilege. In consideration of the foregoing, I acknowledge, understand, and agree to abide by and uphold the spirit of this Code of Conduct, which offers a general guide to my conduct. Therefore, I pledge and agree to the following:

  1.     I will at all times display the conduct expected of me as a representative of USAW and the Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club and act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with the spirit of fair play and conduct myself in a manner that will not in anyway bring disrespect, discredit or dishonor to either myself, USA Wrestling, Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club or my community, state, country, coaches, athletes, trainers, administrators, sports medicine personnel, officials, volunteers, or other representative of USA Wrestling or Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club.
  1.     I will conform to all applicable local,state, and federal laws and regulations, and any rules and regulations and codes that may be established for competitions, camps, clinics, exhibitions, appearances, or other events, programs, and activities in which i participate. Including those of USA WRESTLING, USA WRESTLING UTAH, HURRICANE VALLEY WRESTLING CLUB, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (“FILA”) , the United States Olympic Committee (“USOC”), and any organizer of an Event in which i participate.
  1.    I will respect the property of others, whether personal or public.
  1.   DSCF4399I will respect my Parents or Legal guardians, Teammates, and representatives from other teams delegations, spectators, coaches, trainers, administrators and officials, and engage in no form of verbal, physical or sexual harassment or any other type of abuse. I will not engage in any inappropriate behavior with athletes, coaches, trainers, administrators, officials, volunteers peers, and teammates, nor will i use or attempt to use my position to exert undue influence or to seek unfair advantage over others.
  1. I will follow by USAW / H.V.W.C. rules including, by way of example , for participation in or attendance at events, practices, team meetings, travel, accommodations and curfews, official ceremonies, fundraisers, and public relations assignments.

Codes of Behavior


  • DSCF4322will be  alcohol, tobacco and drug free;
  • participate by the rules of the sport;
  • exhibit sportsmanship at all times
  • maintain a positive image of myself, the community, and the sport;
  • Always strive to perform at my best;
  • Report all injuries and medical conditions;
  • Participate in all practices, fundraisers and events prepared and on time
  • Maintain acceptable grades and attendance within my schooling


  • DSC_0025Provide quality supervision and instruction;
  • be a positive role model;
  • strive to educate myself in all aspects of the sport;
  • be prepared for emergency situations;
  • develop programs that encompass fairness to participants and promote fair play
  • Provide a safe environment

Administrative / Volunteers:

  • Respect the rights of other and treat others with courtesy;
  • preform duties to the best of your ability;
  • positively promote the sport;
  • promote the sport at every level;
  • Encourage athletes to perform at their best;
  • Encourage alcohol, tobacco, and drug free programs;
  • promote sportsmanship and fair play
  • Be honest and truthful in all situations;
  • Discourage and report any offenses including bullying



In addition to the foregoing, but not by way of limitation, the following could result in disciplinary proceedings:

  1.     Transporting possession , or illegal use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, illegal drugs, and     IOC-banned medication or substances, or any substance or procedures in violation of the USOC National Anti-Doping Program.
  2.     Any physical damage to facilities, equipment, furnishings, or loss of items in a room where I am present, will be paid for by those individuals assigned to the room in which the damage or loss occurs, including willful destruction of property (including the caused by horseplay, fighting, etc.).
  3.     Any act considered to be an offense under federal, state, or local laws; or a violation of team rules, regulations, or codes of USAW, H.V.W.C., FILA and the USOC, or the organizer of an event in which I participate.
  4.     Gross misconduct (i.e. inappropriate horseplay, theft, fighting, etc.). There will be no foul language, disruptive or rebellious attitudes and behaviors.
  5.     There will be no breaking of curfew or disobeying rules. There will be no buying or possession of pornography or suggestive clothing, weapons or controlled substances.
  6.     No unauthorized people will be in the athlete’s room or training facilities. All visitors must be approved by a member of the coaching staff.
  7.     At any time for the safety of the athletes, rooms or belongings may be checked and searched.

Disciplinary Action

Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club Logo-01I realize and understand that if I violate this Code of Conduct I will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with the disciplinary procedures of USA Wrestling and Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club; provided that, subject to such procedures as may be applicable, while i am in attendance at an event, discipline may be imposed by the team or delegation, leader or other responsible person(s) at the event or practice. The consequences of my actions could possibly affect my opportunities to serve as a coach, athlete, administrator, or volunteer for USAW and H.V.W.C. and my membership to these organizations in the future. Disciplinary action could include any one or more of the following, but not limited to A-G:

A. Dismissal from USAW / H.V.W.C. organization

B. Expulsion from an event and being sent home immediately at the expense of the violator, or not sent home   but being restricted to living quarters, or other restrictions or activities.

C. Denial of participation in future Events.

D. Requirements to issue written and or verbal apologies.

E. Revocation of accreditation for Events, activities , and or facilities

F. Suspension or Events, activities, and  practices

G. Further disciplinary action may be imposed by a assigned appeals committee designated by team administrator, coaches, and  parents or guardians,



Participant Signature

(Athlete, Coach, Administrator, and Volunteer)



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