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Southern Utah wrestling for all!

HVWC Wrestled @ Green Valley!

Hurricane Valley took a small group of kids this past weekend to Green Valley to get some mat time . Congratulations to all our wrestlers and coaches that went . We had Karter Robison place 2nd at the advanced division! Emma English placed 2nd in the boys division , Patrick Miller had a blast double that looked so sweet people were mistaking him for Jordan Burroughs! Patrick place 3rd In a very tough division, Keegan Miller placed 3rd in his division and suprised every opponent he wrestled with his intensity and determination. Gunner Miller showed that he has a second home out on the mat! He placed 4th. Alyssa McCallson smiled the entire time while she wad out on the mat and everyone could see that she was having the time of her life during her battles ! She placed 4th. Last but not least Madison English wrestled in the middle school boys division where she was at least 12 pounds under weight of every wrestler she faced . She battled and controlled a majority of her ties and was handfighting the young men in her division and on many occasions won these important battles and learned the importance of goal setting and winning situations and scoring points. She took 4th place. Our team is improving at rapid pace and we will be prepared to battle with anyone. Who dares to get on the mat against us

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