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Reference Guide

Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club Club  Reference Guide

Dear Parents and kids,

This is a reference guide, please don’t hesitate to email us at with any questions you might have. With Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club we work diligently to provide a positive and fun environment for kids in the sport of wrestling. We work diligently with our athletes to bring out the best in every individual that comes into contact with our program.

It is important that parents and children both read and understand our code of conduct and rules we have set in place for practice and tournaments. Please review and sign with your child / athlete the Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club’s  code of conduct and rules attachment included. This form must be signed prior to participation.

Any changes to our schedule for events or training will be posted on our Facebook page and a mass text will be sent out regarding any changes.


PARTICIPATION AT ALL PRACTICES AND EVENTS REQUIRE USA WRESTLING MEMBERSHIP CARDS TO BE PURCHASED.  Your child will not be permitted to practice until their card is received. There are many benefits to becoming a member regarding secondary liability insurance, discounts online, and athlete educational resources. USA wrestling memberships cost $40 per year and can be purchased at . If you have any questions or need help registering your child please feel free to email us or call Coach Courtney  (435) 339- 9050.


Hurricane Valley Wrestling Club offers four sessions of curriculum per year included in the cost of each session is money for equipment, gas for travel (to selected tournaments), and food for most meals on overnight stays. These cost will cover the majority needed  for your child to compete during its session. We do provide several fundraisers and get help thru local sponsors if you are unable to pay and it is a option that is always available. Please feel free to contact us to ask about our fundraising and sponsorship opportunities. If you have any difficulty registering your child for tournaments or purchasing your USA Wrestling Card please feel free to contact anyone from H.V.W.C.


Spring Session:

10 weeks from early March thru Mid May. Practices are held on Monday and Wednesday, Tournaments are every other weekend with travel and overnight stays required  in Northern Utah for Spring Session. Emphasis is on Freestyle and Greco Roman (olympic styles) wrestling. This session provides an amazing opportunity for improvement on wrestling fundamentals and also allows for qualification to represent Utah on the Utah National team (in 2014 we had 2 wrestlers that were selected to team Utah and represented our club at Nationals in Fargo, North Dakota, in 2015 we had 4 wrestlers and our coaches were cadet and junior national team coaches.) Wrestlers will get between 10-12 matches per weekend at our spring tournaments.

Summer Session:

12 weeks from mid May thru mid August. Practices are held on Monday thru Thursday . Emphasis is on technique in all styles of wrestling. Concentration on off season strength and conditioning and team camps. Champions are made in the offseason and this is a great way to keep kids busy and productive. Every thursday we will have what is called wrestle until you drop. On this day we will offer as many matches as you child can wrestle in the permitted time that the doors are open. This is a great team build and confidence booster for kids.  Also summer is when we will have national qualifiers participate with the national team. Very limited travel is required during this session. No additional fees are required for the summer sessions if they participated in the spring session


Fall Session:

8 weeks from early September thru end of October. This is the Wrestlers Preseason, practices become more intense as the kids prepare for the upcoming season. Practices are held on Mondays and Wednesday with some preseason tournament and clinics held on weekends. Folkstyle is the primary emphasis and kids prepare for the school season to start.


Winter Session:

15 weeks from november thru the third week of February. This is designed for younger kids to learn and grow competing in local tournaments. We have added a middle school duel team and a women’s team in 2015 to compete against other middle schools and girls clubs during this time as well.  Older kids can get additional training and practice during this time that will prove extremely valuable when their folkstyle state tournaments come around in the upcoming months.


All Saturday Tournaments require a fee to enter. Nearly all tournaments require pre registration thru  Permission slips and the cost for tournament registration must be turned in to your coaches  if you wish to have coaches sign your child up, or there is always the option to register your own child. Prior to every tournament that is out of town each child will receive written information regarding tournament details.


Mat Care: We strive to keep our wrestling mats clean. Please no food or drink on the mats. No high heels or anything else that could be damaging to the mats (skateboards, roller blades, etc.)


Parents please make sure your kids are clean and participate at practices and events with clean equipment and clothes. If a child is wearing old sweaty clothes or the child is visibly soiled they will not be permitted to participate. We take preventing the spread of staph and other contagious entities very seriously.


Please ensure that your child is on time and prepared to participate. If your child desires to drop out of wrestling please notify Coach Courtney or coach Randy.


Our site for Wrestling practice is a Great privilege from the community. Absolutely no horseplay is allowed and we must always be respectful to the facilities in use.

Please remember to support our local high school wrestling program!

Thank you,

Coach / Administrator Randy Jaques and Coach Courtney English